The Impact Of Money On Relationships

How often are your arguments with your spouse about money? Probably, pretty often. Money and fights about money are a major cause of divorce. On the other hand, mental health, addiction and relationship issues can lead to money problems. If you suffer from depression and can’t work, your finances will suffer due to loss of…
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When “Good Debt” Goes Bad

I have read many articles that break debt down into two categories, good debt and bad debt. Why do writers classify debts this way and what are the major differences?

Unclaimed Treasure?

A friend recently told me how excited he was after he collected almost $100 from the North Dakota Unclaimed Property Division (NDUPD).

High-Tech Pickpocketing

For decades, some common and simple tips have been effective in helping people avoid being prime pickpocketing targets. New technology is changing the rules.

The Five-Minute Budget

If you don’t feel like you have enough time in your life to put together a budget, I suggest the five-minute budget. The five-minute budget isn’t as detailed as most financial gurus would like you to have, but it is quick and will give you an opportunity to get a good picture of your financial situation.