Cash For Grades?

The idea of paying students for good grades is not new, but it is migrating out of the home and into the hands of privately funded initiatives. Several organizations across the nation are not only advocating the compensation of elementary and high school students for good grades, but providing the funding to do so.

Forum Financial Fix-up

Today I want to tell you about a really exciting journey three area families have been on over the past two months. The Forum, The Village and State Bank & Trust partnered to provide a financial fix-up for three lucky families. The families met with their Village financial counselor in December and Sherri Richards, Forum business…
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The Most Common Insurance Mistake

By Jesse B. Jurgenson, certified financial counselor The Village Family Service Center; There is not strength in numbers. Your life is not a reality show. It is not OK to be in the same boat with millions of people, if the boat is going down. Let this post be a fair warning to those who…
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Can Using Credit Make You Fat?

Does the method of payment you use to purchase groceries determine the amount of unhealthy junk food you toss into your cart?

Learn How To Tie A Tie

Have a job interview coming up? A lunch meeting with the boss? How you present yourself can have an enormous impact on how you are perceived, like it or not.