Two-thirds Of Engaged Couples Express Negative Attitudes Toward Discussing Money

Village Financial Counselors Advise Couples to Talk Before They Walk The recent poll hosted on the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC) website revealed that 68 percent of respondents held negative attitudes toward discussing money with their fiancé, with five percent indicating the discussion would cause them to call off the wedding. “It is telling…
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Nine Steps To Dealing With Medical Debt

When most people think of medical debt, they think of a person or family with no health insurance at all, yet a large percentage of Americans who have incurred medical debt actually do possess health insurance (also known as the “underinsured”). If you find yourself facing medical debt, here are some steps and options to consider.

Making The Case Against Receiving A Federal Income Tax Refund

Millions of Americans celebrate receiving an income tax refund each year. Many of these same people live each month under the burden of financial hardship, struggling to make ends meet, often falling behind on living expenses and debt obligations. The February poll hosted on the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC) website revealed that a…
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Survival Plan For Maintaining Financial Stability During Sequestration

Sequestration is now in place, and along with it came a good amount of uncertainty, causing many Americans to wonder how they will be impacted. By some estimates, more than one million employees of federal agencies may receive furlough notices. Some workers are not adequately prepared to deal with a loss of income, even a…
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Guide To Disputing Credit Report Inaccuracies

The accuracy of credit reports has been in the news lately, causing consumers to wonder how error-free their own report is. Since credit reports are the backbone of the all-important credit score, it is indeed important to fully understand what a credit report is, what consumer protections are in place, and what actions can be…
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