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How Financial Counselors Are Like Doctors…for Your Money

By Alicia Kellebrew NFCC Certified Financial Professional Village Financial Resource Center I am curious at exactly what point talking about money became taboo. We all grew up with the understanding (whether spoken or not) that this topic was NOT considered “polite dinner conversation.” Well, anyone that knows me knows that while I do understand and appreciate…
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Slaying Your Financial Dragons

We all face “dragons” in our lives, things we need to slay. It could be a habit, a way of thinking, or an unexpected life challenge. The battle can, of course, be tough, but when we face up to something that forces us to take personal inventory of ourselves and change our behaviors for the…
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Personal Finances: What To Do When The Expected Unexpected Happens

By Alicia Kellebrew NFCC certified financial professional The Village Financial Resource Center When constructing budgets with clients, I always discuss the all-too-often overlooked category of “periodic expenses,” which includes those things like out-of-pocket medical costs, car repairs, registration, and maintenance, gifts, and travel. All the costs of life that we know we will eventually run…
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How To Beat Spring Fever Without Going Broke

By Alicia KellebrewAlicia Kellebrew NFCC Certified Financial Professional The Village Financial Resource Center I don’t know about everyone else, but, lately, I find myself suffering from a severe case of spring fever. It doesn’t help that our temperatures bounce around from 60 or 70 degrees one day back down to 30 to 40 the next.…
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Contrary To Popular Belief, ‘Budget’ Is NOT A FOUR Letter Word!

By Alicia Kellebrew The Village Financial Resource Center If I had to name the word that I use the most often in a work day that gets the worst rap, it would be the word “budget.” It seems that the mere mention of this word strikes fear, anger, or sadness into the hearts of most people I…
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