7 Ways To Help Your Kids Become Good Money Managers

By Alicia Kellebrew
NFCC Certified Financial Professional
The Village Financial Resource Center 

I recently had the chance to spend a lot of time with  middle school kids (between ages 12 and 15). I always ask them if their parents ever talk to them about money.  Oftentimes, many hands shoot up in the air, which doesn’t surprise me. The interesting part is when I ask them what their parents say to them about money. The top three responses are: “Money doesn’t grow on trees!” “Stop
spending your money on stupid stuff!” and “You should save some of your money!”
While all of these words of wisdom ARE good advice,  they aren’t really giving kids the “how to” of money management. Here are a few ways you can fill in the blanks for your kids:

1. Watch what you say and do with money—your kids are watching. For example, they will see if you take the time to balance your checkbook, listen to you and your spouse having a discussion before making a big purchase, and pick up on any family money philosophies, such as whether …


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