Simplify In 2013

New year – new rules? Well, maybe not new – but something to work towards. Yes, call it a new year’s resolution or call it a feeling that you want to take charge of parts of your life that have been a little out of control.

I personally can go through spurts of being very money conscious and focusing on “wants versus needs.” Do I really “need” this to continue on or is it more of a luxury?

I’ve started reading the labels on clothes before I buy them. If it says “dry clean only” I hang it up again. I don’t need that extra cost continually adding to the price of the outfit.

There is a downfall though – the thinking process can be swayed. I’ve wanted a pair of black boots for years – I’ve seen other women wear these boots with a skirt and tights. Dang – it looks cute. But, I didn’t think I could wear it….until one day when my vulnerability was at a low –and I went boot shopping. I found a perfect pair – and they had back support! I sheepishly bought them and carried my huge box out to the car. Over the weekend I shopped clearance racks and found a skirt and tights – score! I utilized jewelry and a shirt from my existing wardrobe.

Putting the boots on was like a transformation – I’d wanted these for so long, it was like angels singing. Had I purchased these immediately when I first “wanted” them, I probably wouldn’t have had the same feeling. It was a careful decision and seriously, considered over a few years. So, in the end, I didn’t “need them” but did take thoughtful consideration – when years are involved, the want sometimes reverts closer to a need.