Are You Profiled As A High Achiever By FICO?

I received this information the other day from and thought it was interesting and worth sharing. The original study was published by, the consumer division of FICO, the company that invented the FICO Credit Score

What’s the Profile of High Achiever’s Credit Scorers?

FICO recently released a study on the habits of US consumers with scores greater than 785. The FICO Score “high achievers” account for roughly 25% of scorable consumers, or more than 50 million individuals. The research highlights a common thread within their credit behavior. Overall, high credit score achievers consistently make their payments on time, keep low revolving balances relative to their available credit and only apply for credit that they need.

It may come as a surprise that FICO® Score high achievers are not debt-free. They have multiple credit cards with balances. However, they typically manage their accounts responsibly even if they have had mishaps along the way.

Here are other key facts about this group:

• High achievers have an average of seven credit cards, including both open and closed accounts.

• They have an average of four credit cards or loans with balances.

• One-third of high achievers have total balances of more than $8,500 on non-mortgage accounts; the remaining two-thirds have total balances of less than $8,500.

• 96% show no missed payments on their credit report; of those who do, it happened four years prior, on average.

• Many people have high scores without using credit cards at all. Those that do use credit cards often keep balances low, only using an average of 7% of their available revolving credit.

• Even some of those with a sterling FICO® Score may have had some bumps along the way. Approximately one in 100 high achievers has a collection listed on their credit report and approximately one in 9,000 has experienced tax liens or bankruptcies.3

• FICO high achievers have a well-established credit history and seldom open new accounts. Their oldest credit account was opened an average of 25 years ago and their most recent credit account averages 28 months old. Overall, their average credit account is 11 years old.

The path to a high FICO® Score is not a mystery. Here are some recommendations – pay your bills on time, keeping balances low and only applying for credit when needed.

“While people with a high FICO Score are not perfect, their consistently responsible financial behavior usually pays off over time,” said Anthony Sprauve, credit score advisor for myFICO.. “In a challenging economic period, the fact that we all have a chance to be high achievers is very good news. The lesson from these high achievers is that it’s never too late to rebuild and score high.”


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