The Real Cost Of Smoking

Anyone who smokes knows that the cost of cigarettes can be a major expenditure depending on how much they smoke. And anyone who smokes knows it would be better for their health if they quit. But tobacco is a strong addiction and the desire to quit and doing it are two different things.

It can take a strong motivating factor to overcome an addiction. Even though the health reasons should be the most compelling reason to give up tobacco, sometimes other reasons such as money can be the one that moves us into action. The national average price for a pack of cigarettes is about $6.00. Even if you buy cartons or find cheaper priced cigarettes at $5/pack the monthly expense is $150 for a pack-a-day smoker.

The cost of smoking alone is high but the cost doesn’t stop at the price of a pack or carton of cigarettes. A smoker will most likely pay higher premiums for car, homeowners, life and health insurance because there are higher risks and claims for smokers in all those areas. Smokers statistically have more prescriptions costs, not to mention the other health costs related to smoking. Also increased dental care needs can be the result of smoking. The value of a smoker’s car or home can be lower or at least less marketable. You have more cleaning costs to rid clothing and other household items of the smoke odor. With the added health issues, lost wages or inability to keep working as long as you would hope to can be the result.

I once spoke with a gentleman who participated in the Village Homebuyer Education course. He stated that two years prior to that time he spent $25/week on cigarettes and decided he did not have much to show for his life except a cloud of smoke around him. He decided to quit smoking and started putting $25/week into a coffee can and made buying a home his goal. Every time he had the urge to smoke he would count that money and think about the house he was going to buy. Having a specific goal and being able to save for that goal with the funds he previously spent on cigarettes allowed him to accumulate $2,500 for down payment on a house. He said he counted that money over and over to get through it but was able to quit smoking and achieve his dream of home ownership. And he is also saving all the other costs mentioned above to allow his hard earned money to be used for the other things he wants out of life.

So maybe money can be the precipitating force to quit the tobacco habit. That extra money you need to reach your goals or cover the basic bills is sitting in that pack of cigarettes.

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