Letting Go

We all have dreams. We dream of owning a house, raising a family, or just taking a vacation. Working towards our dreams and achieving them is what makes life worthwhile. But sometimes, things don’t work out as planned. Sometimes those dreams which once brought us so much joy, now seem to drag us down or leave us feeling trapped. We all want to hold on to those things dearest to us, but we also need to know when to let go.

Aileen at www.kaizenvision.com (a blog about continuous self improvement) says that while we persevere and fight for our dreams, sometimes it is to our own detriment and we fail to see other fulfilling opportunities passing us by. Aileen has a list of five signs that it is time to let go:

1. When it becomes abusive or unhealthy – Sometimes a relationship turns into or becomes physically or psychologically harmful. Sometimes the pursuit of a dream can bring you into poverty, hunger or alienate your loved ones.

2. When nothing yields – When nothing seems to be happening and everything is a dead-end. Nothing is lining up, no synchronicity. It’s as though the universe is telling you no but you are still struggling and trying so hard that you can’t hear that the answer might be no.

3. If it consistently gives you more pain than joy – Perhaps in the beginning it gave you a great deal of joy and it was exciting, but now it just hurts you more often than not.

4. When the passion is gone – You feel yourself just going through the motions, pretending you’re still wanting the dream yet knowing the feeling is gone. An example of this is when you show up to your beloved hobby as if it’s a job you don’t like.

5. When you feel you’ve invested so much time and or energy that you can’t walk away – Your investment now imprisons you and you’re not staying with it for any other reason than you feel you can’t leave. This can happen when you’re committed to a business that you’ve started, or any other major endeavor.

Aileen gives one last piece of advice. Sometimes you don’t have to give up your dream completely. Sometimes you can transform your dream into something new. Changing your dream into a new form may be just what you need to get things back into perspective.

Post by Jesse Tran,
Financial CounselorThe Village Family Service Center