Win $2,000 In Shred Your Debt Contest

The NFCC has joined with Cintas Document Destruction, Equifax and member agencies like The Village Family Service Center, to host the Shred Your Debt contest. We’d love for someone in North Dakota or Minnesota to win the contest!

Simply write a short essay as to why you should be the one to win $2,000 to pay down your debt.

You can also send a picture that best represents your debt situation–that old clunker in the driveway, your kitchen table covered with bills–you get the idea. The winner will also receive a money coaching session with a nationally recognized personal finance expert, Equifax’s Debt Wise™ product, as well as help from an NFCC Member Agency, like The Village Family Service Center . Visit for more details and to enter the contest. 

Who knew that becoming debt free would be such fun! Now it’s all up to you, but you can’t win if you don’ t enter. nter online at: or call The Village Family Service Center at 1-800-450-4019.